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5 Beautiful Corn Snake Morphs

Corn snakes are very beautiful, brightly coloured snakes.

And through selective breeding, commercial breeders have developed hundreds of variations of patterns and colours – commonly known as morphs.

Whether you’re looking to buy a corn snake or you’re just an admirer of this beautiful species of snake, take a look at our round-up of the most beautiful corn snake morphs below!


Candy cane corn snakes

Let’s start with one of our favourite morphs – candy cane corn snakes!

Easily identified by their red and white skin (like a candy cane!) they’re a selectively bred morph that tends to develop more yellow and orange colouration as it matures. And younger candy canes tend to have the most colour distinction.

Beautiful, aren’t they!


Lavender corn snakes

Next up is lavender – isn’t this corn snake morph just beautiful?!

First bred in the 1980s, lavender corn snakes are one of the prettiest morphs with a light pink background and darker purple gray markings. They also have ruby or burgundy-coloured eyes.


Blizzard corn snakes

Blizzards are undoubtedly one of the most striking corn snake morphs.

They’re what you can a ‘compound morph’ – bred from an amelanistic and a charcoal corn snake morph and hey have totally white skin, red eyes and very little visible pattern, making them an extraordinarily beautiful snake.


Palmetto corn snakes

Palmetto is one of the newest corn snake morphs so be prepared to join a long waiting list if you want one!

First bred in 2011, they’re very beautiful snakes with a striking pattern but unfortunately not very easy to get hold of in the UK. Needless to say this is a stunning corn snake morph!


Bloodred corn snakes

Finally, bloodred is quite possibly one of the most strikingly beautiful corn snake colours.

Not all bloodred corn snakes are solid red (some have a more distinct pattern) but through selective breeding, breeders have managed to produce an almost solid red colour.

Some bloodred corn snakes will end up more of an orange colour and hatchlings tend to have a visible pattern that fades as they mature.


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