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5 Reasons Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets

Out of all the reptiles that are kept as pets, bearded dragons are arguably the most popular. But if you’ve never owned one before you’ll probably be wondering – are they good pets?

Maybe you want a lizard but you can’t decide which one, or you’re trying to decide between a cat, a dog and something a little more unusual.

Well the simple answer is yes – bearded dragons make great pets. They’re low maintenance and thanks to their docile nature and unique behaviours, many bearded dragon owners say they’re just as satisfying as owning a cat or dog. Read on for our top five reasons why a bearded dragon is the best pet you could ever ask for.

5 Reasons Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets



Low maintenance

As far as having a pet goes, bearded dragons are very low maintenance. And if you’ve never owned a reptile before, a bearded dragon is a great pet to start with.

They don’t have a complicated diet and it’ll only take a couple of minutes a day to clean their cage and refill their food and water. All in all, it’s very easy to get to grips with their everyday care if you’ve never owned a reptile before.

Just remember that no pet is “easy” and a responsible bearded dragon owner should be familiar with housing, cleaning, feeding and general reptile care. If you’re new to owning a bearded dragon as a pet, take a look at our handy bearded dragon setup guide for everything you need to know.



Unique appearance

Bearded dragons have an almost dinosaur-like appearance and this unique look appeals to many people looking for a pet lizard. After all, who wants to settle for ordinary when you can have a great pet like a bearded dragon?

They come in different morphs (or colours) such as red, yellow and orange and they can really look very beautiful. There are seven different species of bearded dragon to choose from and one of the most popular morphs is the sandfire bearded dragon which comes in a lovely red/orange colour.



Long life span

Given the proper care, bearded dragons can live ten to fifteen years, or more. That’s about the same as most dogs and two or three times longer than a guinea pig!

However, to make sure your bearded dragon lives a long and healthy life, it’s absolutely essential to provide the right housing and diet and to take it for regular check-ups at the vets.

Check out our bearded dragon care sheet for advice and if you get it right, you’ll be enjoying your pet for many years to come.



Gentle nature

The docile nature of bearded dragons is another reasons they make a good pet. They may not wear their heart on their sleeve like a dog but they enjoy affection from their owners and it isn’t unheard of for bearded dragons to behave affectionately in return.

Baby bearded dragons may be a little more nervous around their owners but adult beardies tend to respond positively to being picked up and will often relax on their owner’s lap. Just remember that this varies from dragon to dragon and some may be more receptive to affection than others.

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Finally, bearded dragons are very easy to control and one of the best-behaved lizards when you take them out of their cage!

As long as you keep an eye on it, you could take your bearded dragon out of its tank to explore the room and with a proper lease like this, you could even take it on a walk! Who needs a dog!

And there you have it – five reasons why bearded dragons make great pets! For even more facts about bearded dragons or their care, take a look at:

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