5 Reasons Corn Snakes Make Great Pets

There are nearly 3,000 species of snake in the world, and corn snakes are arguably the most popular type to keep as a pet. But before you get one you’ll probably be wondering – do corn snakes make good pets?

The simple answer is yes – corn snakes make fantastic pets.

They’re tame, easy to care for and make excellent beginner snakes. Read on for our top five reasons why buying a corn snake will be one of the best decisions you ever make.



They’re excellent beginner snakes

Caring for any pet requires a certain amount of responsibility. But compared to cats, dogs and certain other reptiles, corn snakes are incredibly easy to care for, which makes them excellent beginner snakes.

You’ll only need to feed your corn snake once every 5-7 days and if you attach your heating to a thermostat, you won’t need to spend time manually adjusting the temperature inside the tank. Essentially, aside from cleaning, feeding and setting up your snake tank, corn snakes require virtually no maintenance!



They tolerate being handled

If you’re a first-time snake owner, the last thing you want is a pet that’s going to be difficult to handle. Fortunately, corn snakes are very docile creatures and tolerate being handled very well.

In fact, they’ll grow increasingly tame over time and even though it’s debatable whether snakes show affection, a corn snake will definitely be docile enough to tolerate being picked up. This makes them a good snake for kids as you won’t need worry about it being aggressive or biting.



They don’t smell

One of the major advantages of owning a snake is that it won’t smell. Unlike cats and dogs which can give you house a distinct pet odour, your corn snake will be a completely odourless pet as long as you clean and disinfect its tank regularly.



They don’t need much room

Another advantage of owning a pet corn snake is that they don’t take up much room. Corn snakes aren’t very active reptiles, so they don’t need a large enclosure.

They spend most of their time curled up and will be more than happy in a medium-sized enclosure – perfect if you’ve got limited space in your house. Read our corn snake setup guide to find out the perfect dimensions for your corn snake tank.



They’re active during the day

Finally, corn snakes make great pets because they’re active during the day. Other popular pet snakes like ball pythons are only active at night so if you’re buying a snake for your children, they’re likely to lose interest in it very quickly.

Corn snakes, however, are at their most active during the daytime so you or your child will be able to observe its movements and habits and pick it up without worrying about disturbing its sleep cycle. Children or adult snake owners who are keen to pick up their pets may struggle with a nocturnal snake.


And there you have our top five reasons why corn snakes make great pets. Stay on the Vivarium World blog for even more corn snake care advice including: