Best Cheap Vivariums for Bearded Dragons

Setting up a new home for your bearded dragon can be an expensive business.

There’s a vivarium to buy, not to mention all the accessories like heating and lighting that you’ll need to create a hospitable living environment for your new reptile.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best cheap vivariums for bearded dragons – because sticking to a budget shouldn’t mean compromising on quality. Read on for our recommendations of the best bearded dragon tanks under £60 and £100.

Best bearded dragon vivariums under £60

Repti-Life 3ft vivarium

36x15x15 Inch Vivarium Flatpacked In Oak, 3ft Viv By Repti-life

Reptile Vivarium - Flatpaked - UK Manufactured - Stackable - 15mm MFC; Saftey Glass Exceeding UK Standards - Easy Asssembley; Solid Back - Slight Inset Front For Sleeker Look; Fast shipphing (you ...

Made by: Repti-life, Available: In stock

If you’re after a cheap bearded dragon vivarium that’s good quality and good value for money, this 3ft vivarium from Repti-Life is a solid choice.

It’s supplied flat-packed but it’s very easy to put together in around 20-30 minutes. It comes with two glass sliding doors, two rear vents and two slots to insert cables for lights, heating and thermometers. All the wooden panels fit together very tightly, so you don’t need to worry about heat escaping from the vivarium.

All in all £51.99 is a very reasonable price to pay for a bearded dragon vivarium (considering you’ll also need to buy heating, lighting and other accessories which can ramp up the cost) and with this one you won’t have to compromise on quality.


Terapod Pro Reptile Vivarium

Terapod Pro Reptile Vivarium Housing Beech Viv (36" Terapod Pro Viv)

Another good cheap bearded dragon tank is this one from Terapod. It’s made from strong timber, produced under forestry council regulations, and provides plenty of room for rocks and branches as well as space for your bearded dragon to move around.

There’s are four wiring holes at the back of the vivarium for your heating and lighting, and this tank comes with toughened safety glass and black handles for easy transportation. And if you own two bearded dragons, you can securely stack one on top of the other.

Best bearded dragon vivariums under £70

Vivexotic Repti-Home Vivarium

Vivexotic Repti-Home Vivarium Medium - Beech

Improved fixings - every Repti-Home vivarium comes complete with OneFix connectors - top quality, plastic connectors that combine the housing and the bolt in one single fitting - which means fewer ...

Made by: Vivexotic, Available: In stock

Next up is this great value Vivexotic vivarium at just £62.89. This bearded dragon tank gets brilliant reviews on Amazon – mainly for being modern, well-designed and a great price.


The perfect vivarium for bearded dragons, it’s easy to assemble and there are three ventilation holes in the back to allow good air flow. There’s plenty of space inside for your bearded dragon to move around; the only downside is there’s no lock but these are cheap enough to buy elsewhere.

Repti-Life Oak Vivarium

Vivarium 48x18x18 Inch Repti-life Vivarium in Oak Flatpacked

Reptile Vivarium - Flatpaked - UK Manufactured - Stackable - 15mm; Saftey Glass Exceeding UK Standards - Easy Asssembley; Solid Back - Slight Inset Front For Sleeker Look

Made by: Repti-life, Available: In stock

Just £68.99 will get you this fantastic oak vivarium from Repti-Life. All the positive customer reviews on Amazon say it’s a great quality bearded dragon vivarium and very easy to put together using the instructions provided. There are pre-drilled cable holes, large airflow vents and this tank is stackable, which is perfect for owners of more than one bearded dragon.


Vivexotic Repti-Stax Vivarium

Vivexotic Vivexotic Repti-Stax Vivarium Large Mussel 45 inch

The exciting, new Vivexotic Viva and Repti-Stax Vivarium Range; The new VIVA range from Vivexoticic ncludes some exciting new improvements and features; Vivexotic VIVA vivariums not only provide a ...

Made by: Vivexotic, Available: In stock

Finally, there’s this Vivexotic Repti-Stax vivarium for just £69.99. Made by one of the UK’s most well-known manufacturers of reptile vivariums, it comes from the Repti-Stax range, which means it can be stacked in a variety of ways to suit your space and requirements.

A distinctive piece of furniture for your home as well as a good living space for your bearded dragon, it gets great reviews on Amazon. You’ll need to put it together yourself but this is easy enough to do, and it has a lovely finish which will look good in your home. Just make sure you buy a lock for the sliding glass doors as some owners say they can be slid open quite easily.

There you have our round-up of the best cheap bearded dragon vivariums. Browse more bearded dragon tanks on Amazon or stay on our blog for even more bearded dragon setup advice: