Best Corn Snake Starter Kits

Corn Snake Starter Kits

If you’ve never owned a corn snake before, a corn snake starter kit is a great way to set up your snake’s new home. After all, there’s a lot to think about.

Heating, lighting and choosing the right type of tank must all be taken into consideration. And if you’re a first-time snake owner, figuring out where to start can be a little overwhelming.

That’s why we’d highly recommend a corn snake starter kit. It contains everything you need to set up a corn snake vivarium – heating, lighting, a suitable corn snake tank and other accessories. Read on for our best picks.

Corn snake starter kits under £100

Corn Snake Starter Kit - Small Vivarium (18")

Corn Snake Starter Kit- Black Small Vivarium (18")

Komodo Snake Starter Kit

All you need to create the ideal environment for snake hatchlings.; Kit includes glass terrarium, heat mat, thermometer, substrate, hide

Made by: KOMODO, Available: In stock

Snake/Lizard Starter Kit - Pennine

This snake and lizard starter kit is an ideal first home for your new pet. It is made from the highest grade materials for longer lasting and has strong easy sliding glass doors for easy access. ...

Made by: Pet-Bliss, Available: In stock



Corn snake starter kits under £160

Zoo Med Repti Habitat Snake Kit

20 gallon terrarium with sliding screen top; Mini deep dome lamp fixtures; Analog reptile thermometer; Guide to reptile care booklet; Aspen snake bedding (8 qt)

Made by: Zoo Med, Available: In stock

Zoo Reptihabitat Snake Kit, Medium

Snake terrarium; Starter kit; Ideal for snakes

Made by: Zoo Med, Available: In stock

Corn Snake Starter Kit - Medium Vivarium Green (24")


Starter kits for snake hatchlings

Komodo Basic Hatchling Beginner Budget Starter Kit

Peregrine Hatchling Snake Starter Kit



How much should you spend on a starter kit?

It’s entirely up to you (and your budget) how much you spend on a corn snake starter kit. Up to around £100 is about average; just remember that the more you pay, the more your starter kit is likely to include. If you choose to pay less, you may end up shelling out for the extras anyway.