The Best Reptile Heat Lamps Under £10

Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures so whether you own a bearded dragon, snake or gecko, a heat lamp will be an essential part of your vivarium setup.

But choosing the right heating accessories can be a bit of a minefield when you’re new to the world of reptile ownership. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to the best reptile heat lamps to buy online. And to help you stick to your budget, we’ve made sure every single one is under £10. Read on for advice!

Top Reptile Heat Lamps under £10

If you don’t have a local pet shop or you prefer the convenience of ordering online, Amazon’s list of bestselling heat lamps is the best place to go to find a good one. There’s a huge selection of cheap heat lamps for reptiles and we’ve picked out the best of the bunch here.

Daytime heat lamps

Daytime heat lamps can be dual purpose – used to emit heat and light. They can also be used to create a heat spot within your vivarium (if this is what your particular reptile needs). This will help create a hot end and a cool end of the tank (a thermal gradient) so your reptile can warm itself or cool itself down when it needs to. Here are the best reptile heating lamps for daytime use that we found on Amazon for under £10.


Nighttime heat lamps

It’s important to use different heat lamps at night in order to maintain the natural light cycle that your reptile would be used to in the wild. Use ceramic or infrared heat lamp bulbs that don’t emit light at night to make sure your pet’s sleep cycle is not disturbed. Here’s our round-up of the best ones.

Ceramic heat lamps

These black ceramic heat lamps for reptiles don’t emit light, so they’re absolutely ideal for nighttime heating. Here are the best ones we found on Amazon from as little as £2.50 – bargain! Just remember that it’s worth paying a little bit extra for a quality bulb that you won’t need to replace as often.

Infrared heat lamps

Infrared heat bulbs can be used for daytime or nighttime heating but they’re particularly suited to nocturnal reptiles who need a source of heat during the night that won’t disturb their sleep. Here are the best ones we found on Amazon for under £10.


Want more reptile heating advice? Take a look at our full guide to vivarium heating or check out our specific advice for each reptile.