The Best Reptile Thermostats Under £30

A thermostat is an essential part of vivarium heating.
First and foremost, it will help you control the temperature inside your vivarium to stop it getting too hot and harming your reptile. Secondly, a reptile thermostat will help you automate your daytime and nighttime heating so that you don’t always need to be there to turn the temperature up and down.

Vivarium Thermostat

You can spend anywhere from £25 to £60 on a good thermostat so to help you keep your costs down, we’ve scoured Amazon’s best-selling reptile thermostats for the best ones under £30. Read on for our best picks!

Top Reptile Thermostats under £30

Digital LCD Thermostat

This great value thermostat has an LCD display and is very easy to operate. And for £29.99, there’s no wonder it’s one of Amazon’s bestsellers. It’s suitable for heat mats and ceramic heaters and will help you maintain a stable temperature within your vivarium.

Digital Reptile Vivarium LCD PID Dimmer Thermostat Heat Mats Ceramic Heaters Lamps / Temperature Controller 600 Watt / Dimming

PID Dimmer Thermostatic Control 600 Watt Maximum Load; Maintains Stable Temperatures Within Environment; Suitable For Reptile Heat Mats and Ceramic Heaters; LCD Display, Easy to Operate; Over/under ...

Made by: NEOREP, Available: In stock

Inkbird Thermostat

This Inkbird thermostat is great value and perfect for reptiles who need different temperatures at day and night. It lets you set two different temperatures so that you can automate daytime and nighttime heating – meaning you won’t need to be there to turn the heating up and down all the time.

Inkbird 10A/100-240V Heating Thermostat 24 Hours Day & Night Timing Temperature Regulator for Reptile,Lizard,Snake,Incubator,Vivarium,Bearded Dragons

Note: Inkbird timer heating temperature controller,no cooling fuction. Important note: If you want to control 25~30°C, please set TS=30, DS=5. Only temperture lower than 25 °C light on and start ...

Made by: Inkbird, Available: In stock

HabiStat Mat-Stat Thermostat

This HabiStat thermostat is designed to be used with heat mats and other low powered heaters up to 100 watts. At under £30, it’s great value, just bear in mind that’s it’s only suitable for controlling heating appliances (not lighting).

HabiStat Mat-Stat Thermostat 100W (Black)

The Mat Stat is an on/ off switching device, that can be used with a variety of heaters. It has a new accurate dial calibrated in both Farenheit and Celcius. Ideal for controlling heat mats, and ...

Made by: Habistat, Available: In stock

And that’s our round-up of the best thermostats! Want more reptile heating advice? Take a look at our full guide to vivarium heating or check out our specific advice for each reptile.