How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get?

How big do bearded dragons getFinding out how big your bearded dragon is going to grow is very important  – mainly because you need to know what size vivarium to buy.

Not having the right size vivarium can have bad consequences for your bearded dragon – it can become distressed and its growth can be limited.

So to help you make sure you buy the right size, read this guide to find out how big you can expect your bearded dragon to grow and which factors affect its size.

How species affects bearded dragon size

There are eight different species of bearded dragon and each species tends to grow to a different size. Bearded dragons can either be measured tip to tip or by the length of their body.

Take a look at the table below to find out how big you can expect each bearded dragon species to grow (all measurements are tip to tip):

Pogona Vitticeps 60cm / 24 inches
Pogona Barbata 60cm / 24 inches
Pogona Minor Mitchelli 45cm / 18 inches
Pogona Minor Minor 35-45cm / 14 to 18 inches
Pogona Nullabor 45cm / 14 inches
Pogona Henrylawsoni 30cm / 12 inches
Pogona Minor Minima 30cm / 12 inches
Pogona Microlepidota 10-15cm / 4 to 6 inches

How environment affects bearded dragon size

Your bearded dragon’s environment also influences its size and generally you can expect captive dragons to be about 10% smaller than their wild counterparts.

So if you’re keeping a bearded dragon as a pet, choosing the right size vivarium is very important. Bearded dragons will only grow to the maximum size that their tank allows so a vivarium that’s too small will limit its growth and stop it reaching its full size.

In general we’d recommend a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft vivarium for an adult bearded dragon; this will give it plenty of space to grow and move around. Something like this would be perfect:


How diet affects bearded dragon size

Like any animal, your bearded dragon will grow much larger and faster if it’s well-nourished. It’ll also be more likely to grow to its full size than an unhealthy bearded dragon.

For this reason it’s very important make sure you feed your bearded dragon properly. Take a look at our bearded dragon setup guide to find out what type of food to give yours.


How sex affects bearded dragon size

Finally, like most animals, male bearded dragons tend to be larger than female ones. So if you have a male bearded dragon, you can expect it to grow bigger than a female.

And there you have it – now you know how big your bearded dragon will get and which factors affect its growth. Stay on Vivarium World to find out more about setting up your bearded dragon’s new home.