Cheap Terrariums

Trying to find a good terrarium that won’t cost you a fortune? You’re in the right place!

We’ve scoured Amazon for the best terrariums for sale in the UK to bring you this handy round-up of reptile tanks that will provide a good home for your lizard without unnecessary expense.

Different people have different budgets, so read on to browse the best cheap terrariums under £20, £50, £70 and £100 and find a great quality reptile tank at a price that’s great for you.

Terrariums under £20

On a tight budget? Don’t worry, it IS possible to find a cheap, good quality terrarium. If you own a small or baby snake, you can pick up a suitable terrarium for as little as £15-20. Here are some of the best ones we found.

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Terrariums under £50

For larger reptiles, a cheap terrarium is usually in the region of around £50. Just bear in mind that cheaper terrariums don’t usually include any accessories so you’ll need to keep some money aside to buy these separately. Here are the best terrariums we found under £50.

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Terrariums under £100

If you’ve got a little more budget to spare, you can get a pretty good quality terrarium for around £100. Glass terrariums tend to be more expensive than plastic ones but they’re much more durable and generally better quality. Here are the best reptile tanks we found for less than £100.

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We hope this round-up has helped you find a cheap terrarium for your reptile! If you’d like more reptile care advice that’s specific to your reptile, check out our series of vivarium setup guides: