Komodo Vivariums

Komodo Vivariums

Komodo VivariumsKomodo is a well-known reptile brand that manufactures a small range of plastic terrariums, wooden vivariums and starter kits. A good brand to turn to for reasonably priced reptile housing, Komodo has a small range of products which are available in a range of sizes to suit different reptiles.

Main features of Komodo vivariums

Reasonably priced

Most Komodo vivariums are under £99 – making them a good choice for reptile owners on a budget. The smaller plastic vivariums can cost as little as £12.99.

Environmentally friendly

Being good to the environment is very important to the Komodo brand. Almost all the packaging is recyclable or made from recyclable material and wherever possible, raw materials are sourced and manufactured in the UK.

Good for hatchlings

Komodo’s plastic terrariums are perfect for reptile hatchlings and baby reptiles. Small and easy to transport, they can be kept and re-used as a place to store live food.

Komodo vivariums for sale

Amazon is one of the best places to buy Komodo terrariums – there are plenty to choose from and delivery is often free. Here are our best picks.

Plastic terrariums

Komodo’s main product is plastic terrariums that are ideal for hatchlings, baby reptiles and transporting live food. This plastic vivarium available in five different sizes – take a look below.

Komodo Plastic Terrarium, 48 x 31 x 18 cm

High quality, purpose-built plastic terrariums.; Perfect for transporting reptiles, breeding and raising hatchlings.; Ideal for housing spiders, millipedes, snails and small amphibians.; Well ...

Made by: KOMODO, Available: In stock


Komodo starter kits

If you’re a first-time reptile owner, a starter kit is a great way to get started with your new pet. Komodo has a good leopard gecko starter kit that includes a terrarium, heat mat, substrate, hide, moss, water dish and feed supplement – everything you need to get started with a leopard gecko.

Komodo Leopard Gecko Starter Kit

All you need to provide the correct environment for Leopard

Made by: KOMODO, Available: In stock