Vivarium Decorations

Vivarium decorations are the perfect way to make your reptile feel at home in its enclosure. From plants and branches to vivarium backgrounds and reptile hides, there’s plenty to choose from when it decorating a reptile tank.

We’ve rounded up all your options below – and we’ve made sure to include plenty of cheap vivarium decorations for anyone on a budget!


Vivarium plants are an easy way to make your enclosure look great, as well as make your reptile feel comfortable in its living environment. We’d recommend going for artificial plants – especially if you’re not sure which live plants are suitable for a vivarium. Here are the best ones we found on Amazon.

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Vivarium backgrounds help create a natural-looking enclosure for your reptile. They’re fairly cheap decorations to get hold of (generally less than £20) and while some people just use them to beautify their tank, others use them for their reptile to climb on. Here are some of the best backgrounds we found on Amazon.

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Reptile hides provide a secure hiding place within the vivarium. Reptiles will often use hideouts as a place to cool down since they must use their environment to warm their bodies up and down. Here are some of the best hideouts we found on Amazon.

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Rocks are a great addition to your vivarium decorations. For reptiles who like to bask in the heat, it gives them somewhere to lie, which promotes their natural behaviour. Here are the best ones we found on Amazon.

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Waterfalls are a popular choice of vivarium decor because they simulate natural drinking behaviour in lizards. Not to mention, they add to the look of the tank. Here are some of the best ones we found on Amazon.

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We hope this guide has helped you choose the right habitat decor for your reptile! If you’re ready to start decorating your vivarium, Amazon is a great place to pick up all your essentials. Or for more reptile care advice, stay on our blog!